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Garage Door Repair Eden Prairie

Garage Door Springs Repair

Are your springs broken? Do you want to fix springs? Whenever you are looking for garage door springs repair Eden Prairie experts, contact our company. Did you know that many garage door accidents occur when people tamper with springs? Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Call us. We set up same day and affordable garage door spring repair and replacement services in the Eden Prairie area in Minnesota.

Garage Door Springs Repair Eden Prairie

Always come to us with your garage door spring repair needs

Contact our company and a pro will soon come out for broken spring repair. What makes springs so useful is their ability to balance the door and bring it up and down with ease. So when a spring breaks, the door remains shut. If you try to open it automatically, you will only put more strain on the opener. It only takes one phone call to Garage Door Repair Eden Prairie MN to solve the problem. We will send a pro out to replace the broken spring today.

A pro arrives shortly for broken spring replacement

We send you specialized pros that can replace both spring types. Whether your door utilizes torsion or extension springs, they will be replaced in a timely and professional manner. By traveling in fully equipped trucks, the techs use the right tools to remove, install, and adjust springs. They focus on spring adjustment to ensure the door is properly balanced and thus won’t give you problems when you try to open or close it. For expert and timely garage door spring replacement, place a call to our company now.

Need to fix extension springs? Want to adjust torsion springs? Call us

Our advice? Don’t wait till the spring breaks. Call us for garage door spring repair today. These parts need servicing from time to time. In fact, lubricants can keep them from getting rusty. If you own galvanized springs, they will need adjustment. If you have extension springs, make an appointment for the installation of safety cables. Contact our team if the pulleys break or there is trouble with both the springs & cables. We’ll arrange your extension and torsion spring repair services right away.

Never tamper with springs and never try to replace them yourself. It’s too dangerous. Always call us for broken spring replacement or when springs become too noisy and for any service. No matter what you need, we will send you a pro on the double for the garage door springs repair in Eden Prairie. Call now.

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